Traveling: Family Road Trip to Encinitas, CA


When we first arrived in California, I thought to myself, “man, I could never live here”. It’s humid, no mountains or city life really to speak of (where we were), and my hair had more frizz to it than Monica’s had on Friends, when she was in Barbados. Seriously, that part really bummed me out. Nothing I tried worked to tame the frizz, and I just didn’t feel myself. I was so close to getting my hair braided at one of the many hair salons I saw!

But, as days passed and I became more acclimated with traveling to the beach, and being ok with all the sand that was collected in everything we brought with us (I think we brought 10 pounds of sand with us to the hotel from the beach every time we went), I began to realize that, hey the beach is actually pretty awesome. For 3 days straight, we were at the beach. The kids played in the water, dug in the sand, ran up and down the beach and buried each other over and over again. They never grew tired of it. If we weren’t at the beach, we were eating local food or swimming at the hotel.

My inner hippie was awakened by all the turquoise jewelry and rags for clothes people wore on the beach. I forgot about my inner hippie, and how much more relaxed she was. She really needs to come out more 😊

We set up shop for the better part of 5 days in Encinitas, CA, a small surf town just outside of San Diego. Home to a few beaches, we mostly camped out at Moonlight Beach, and just 2 blocks east of the beach was the Pacific Coast highway, home to many local shops and eats, and a lot of hair salons!

I had the pleasure of walking up and down the highway, shopping and taking in the local culture of the town. Again, my inner hippie was very happy. I bought some jewelry, had myself a latte and bought some shoes.

I also ventured into a bookstore that the woman I spoke with there, had owned for almost 20 years. Book Tales was the name of the store.

My hubby likes to collect old books and I was able to find a book called “The Mantle of Elijah”, by Israel Zangwill copyright 1900. The inscription on the inside by the first person to ever buy this particular book was dated 1900. Those finds are such a gem in history!

Growing up, going on vacation meant we had to plan every day and try to do as much “stuff” as we can, otherwise the trip was not worth it! Well, Levi had 2 items he wanted to do on his checklist: eat at In and Out (notice how I didn’t write about that??) and try surfing. Well, he was able to accomplish both! And add getting caught in the tide to his list of things to never do while at the beach! 😝

I really only had a couple of things on my list as well: to try an authentic fish taco and take the kids to Lego Land. I was able to do one of those things! We didn’t make it to Lego Land. And I also had a list of free things to do in Encinitas (the Botanic Gardens, Farmer’s Markets), as well as all the typical things one does on a trip to San Diego: the San Diego zoo, Sea World, the aquarium and beaches with sea life. And yes we did none of those things listed and still had an amazing vacation! Hanging out at the beach all day, spending time with family, just talking, watching the kids play, and sometimes just admiring the ocean and not saying a word to one another. One may look at our checklists and think to themselves, what a boring vacation! But let me tell you this, it was the most relaxing thing to not have an agenda or places we had to be at, at certain times. We just went with the flow, and those who know me know that going with the flow is the exact opposite of who I am! And yes, at the time I may have struggled with the situation, but looking back, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That I can say without any hesitation. I have a really incredible family on my husband’s side and was just reminded of that on a vacation where I had the opportunity to spend time with them, without the stress of everyday life, or packed agendas. I recommend that kind of vacation to anyone.


We did do one touristy thing and that was walk around Sea Port Village. Located in downtown San Diego, the village is a big tourist attraction with history of huge military vessels, along with some tourist shops and restaurants. It was very fun to see some of the history and the kids loved looking at the big boats!


Until next time….

Have a fabulous day!

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