The Importance of Sharing a Meal Together

Summertime Entertaining
Good morning to you! And Happy Wednesday! The post I have been working on for this week is not quite ready. I could post it, and have pretend tomatoes thrown at me, and you never read my blog again! Or, I can do this: post a link to my other blog, Beautifully Organic, for a blog post I wrote last year, on the importance of sharing a meal together (link is below pictures). If you have read my page A Blogger’s Heart, you know a little bit about how much I enjoy having people over to share a meal in my home. So, please take the time to read this post and, who knows, maybe it will move you to invite someone over for dinner this week 😉 

Speaking of entertaining! We just got our dining and kitchen tables we’ve been waiting on! We had them custom made by someone in our church. The two join together to make a 14 foot long table! Now, everyone I love can be eating at the same table, sharing a meal together! Makes my heart ❤️ swell. 

kitchen table
dining room table

The Importance of Sharing a Meal Together

Until Next Time….

Bon Appetit! 

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